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Beef Taco Medium Seasoning Mix 28g
Sliced Pickled Green Jalapenos 500g
Refried Beans
Chipotle Paste (100g)
Tortilla Chips Cheese

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Chunky Salsa Mild

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Taco Dinner Kit
Taco Tubs Kit
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Soft Tortillas With Whole Wheat
Large Plain Flour Soft Tortillas

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Plain Flour Soft Tortillas

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Our curiosity and passion for good food has helped us to explore new tastes and irresistible flavours from all around the world. The company’s cornerstones are product development and quality. We take care to constantly provide the best in spices and exciting seasonings from around the world, from the raw ingredients - to the kitchens of home cooks. We never stop travelling, collecting ideas and inspiration and cultivating our knowledge of spices. Which allows us to have product development and quality at our core.